The Seven Spheres of Influence

Soteria Lifestyle Center Seven Spheres of InfluenceThe Seven Spheres of influence are the infrastructural columns of our society – it’s the Lord’s plan to raise His people to take every social, economic and political structure in all the nations. We must begin to change the way we think so that the Lord can begin to raise us to places of influence where we can truly be the light of our nations.

These Seven Spheres are:


Includes the arts, music, sports, fashion, entertainment, and every other way we celebrate and enjoy life. This is the mountain that captures the hearts of our youth. This is where creativity shows up, and creativity is extremely important to God.


Economy is the proper flow and balance of the production of resources, the distribution of resources, and the consumption of resources. An economy is healthy when there’s a proper relationship between these three elements. The most common area of breakdown and corruption is between production and distribution.

It’s important to realize that you can do all the right things – get out of debt, have a solid retirement plan, and keep a good amount of liquid money available – and still not be able to compensate for an economic tsunami that comes your way courtesy of these currency traders


Education is knowledge or a skill obtained or developed by a learning process. 

Most educational institutions were meant to serve as places of training and admonition in the fear of the Lord. Their instruction was given in the context of a worldview that put God in the centre of life as the One around whom we all must orbit. God was the foundation of all areas of learning.

In order to prepare for life in this world, students need to know how to relate to God and how to orbit around who He is and what He expects.


We live today among unprecedented family breakdowns that have caused unprecedented social and physical ills. The number one cause of emotional trauma is a dysfunctional family foundation. The family unit is clearly under assault by satan. More specifically, it is fathers who fail, although Satan’s assault shows up in other areas too. It can also be called the mountain of social justice because the true greatest social injustice we currently face is that the hearts of the children are not turned towards their fathers. 

Scripture says that in the last days, it’s not just the parents’ fault; something evil will be released on children to turn them against their parents. It is parents and their children.

Family is an institution created by God. Family and morality are the very fiber of order for society. When family order disintegrates, then social order disintegrates.

Since the father’s absence or abusive behaviour is the most damaging factor in a broken family unit, that’s where satan will concentrate his attack. A family unit’s glue is love – first love between husband and wife, and then the love among the family members.


The mountain of government is perhaps the most important of the mountains because it can establish laws and decrees that affect and control every mountain. Satan sits at the top of this mountain, where he specifically functions as the Antichrist.

His role over the nations is to stir and raise up whatever would defeat the purposes of God on earth.

Humility and spiritual authority are required to take this mountain.


Media outlets include TV stations and networks, Websites, newspapers, radio stations, magazines and reporters.


The definition of religion is “the service and worship of God, or the supernatural.” Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, with Charismatic/Pentecost being the fastest growing group within Christianity. More than 700 million Holy Spirit-filled Christians are in the world.